Just as the name says, a destination wedding is a ceremony which is supposed to be held at a location away from the couple’s hometown. Mainly done in an romantic or faraway place, destination weddings have a world-wide notion for being lavish and expensive, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes couples opt for a destination wedding to save money, as it usually results in a small guest list.

On other occasions, destination weddings can be a way of showcasing your new bride in a unique way. There are also smaller weddings with standard invitations that can be a great option for the less discerning bride looking for uniqueness.

So let’s talk about what a destination wedding is worth in terms of cash flow earnings.

Destination weddings have evolved into lavish affairs that can benefit from the “re-wedding effect,” which means a significant decrease in the costs of a typical wedding. In actuality, most destination weddings are smaller affairs held in places abroad. However, these weddings reap all the benefits so here’s what are five tips on how to make the most out of a destination wedding or other engagements worth a visit.

The Benefits of a Destination Wedding

The first thing you have to realize is that every destination wedding is different.

Besides, if you have just spent a bunch of time planning (and most of the time shopping), a trip to an exotic locale could soon become a hermit crab’s paradise.

The second bonus of an engagement or wedding is that you can show off your new finances to your friends and family members—no need to hide cash anymore. Having them understand how much you earn, how far you’ve come financially, and how high your credit score is important to you, confirms your decision with them. This also establishes trust and authority. Lastly, no one wants to be the one to expose the public how they spend their treasuries.

Speaking of exposure, what other people think of you when you’re at their table is just as important as who you are when you sit at your own. Besides a large list of hand-sewn veils, nothing beats being surrounded by your close circle of friends and family. Go ahead and order a round of drinks and be prepared to impress your guests. What’s more, most people will also think and do more than just mouths full of champagne. They’ll say, “Oh yeah, I’m so happy that you’re getting married.” Lastly, most people never have anything to rich talk about.

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