While your shopping for wedding photographers these are some tips you should definitely keep a track of. These tips if kept in mind wouldalso help in giving new wedding photographers insight into what clients are looking for. Also don’t forget to ensure that your big day runs smoothly for everyone involved with this advice.

Keeping in mind the honourable, wonderful and stressful wedding season these tips are going to help in adding to the photography wisdom of both the clients as well as the photographers. One thing is for sure that if both the client and the photographer understand the event and stay on the same page, magic is bound to happen!

1. Have a Concept of Photography During Completion of Trade

Having a concept of photography during completion of your trade is really important. An example of this is having a concept of photojournalism during a wedding. This will simply guide both your client and you and will help you bridge the gap that often exists from one wedding to the next.

2. Be Up Front and Active on Photography Needs

Make it a priority to be right with your clients prior to their event so you’ll know what you need to adjust you approach accordingly for their needs. Putting this into action will help get you current and relevant on popular wedding photographic needs.

3. Know The Photography Styles Behind The Scenes

By following the right photographic styles you will stay up to date and generally ensure that your talent is coming in time to influence the right picture and video for your audience. This is true even for clients who are experts at connecting the moment to a photo.

4. Have a Reference of Stills From Recent Events

As the formal months of planning and organising are drawing to a close you should with great steadiness get yourself current with photos from recent events. In the morning and lunchtime during break times, go through Stills from these days so that you have all the latest angles in your bag! Alongside this ensure you go through video of these events too.

5. Video or Photos of the Ceremony

Even if your client opts for a still of the event, then ensure your Pictures and Video includes a clear view of the Ceremony with Video thumbnails for the Name of the Bride + everyone who was present at the Ceremony. This will ensure everyone pays close attention to the Ceremony by getting a feel for you photography approach. 2. Know the Words to the Ceremony

Although your main job is things to do at the Ceremony such as scheduling the subjects to speak you need to know the words to the Ceremony. Know what words they use in their speeches so that you can also easily infuse these into your Photography and Video work.

6. Choose the Right Photography Style Specifics

Although each wedding style demands different kinds of photography each wedding style requires some general convention of photography needs. While smaller weddings usually don’t have the need for a large budget in the first place, an experienced photographer with a distinct style of photography can make a superior wedding photography team.


SO there are two things you need to think about for all of your photographers.

The first is the “when” – you need to know when your event will take place so that you can plan ahead. A photographer that arrives early can capture more opportunities, less traffic and lights that are not visible during other times of the day. But there are also times when a photographer knows that a day of the week is not going to work for the client and they might want to plan a Sunday or a Friday company engagement day.

The second is the “what” – take a few minutes to work out the rules for the variety of wedding photographs that you can request. There are generally four types of photos, which if you have them all lined up will be very interesting to the client.

For example, a client may want to own almost their entire wedding day. This means capturing all of the whole event from the moment the couple walks down the aisle, all the way to the standing ovation as the couple is being transferred by the church to the church of graduation. Or a client may want to capture a few of the flowers on the wedding cake and then get as close as possible to the couple. These opinions are just a few of the variations of what the wedding photographer could capture.


It is perfectly acceptable for clients to want to do everything in their power to get a picture – many times this is requested by the bride. However, unless your wedding is going to be held in front of a large audience such as a church, quad, or stadium, sending a picture and a short description of the event is an acceptable way to satisfy clients. Your clients will understand that at the end of the day you don’t care what the picture looks like – you want the message that you want them to hear.

However, don’t be excited about representatives from your company sending you pictures for your engagement day. In reality, you don’t really want pictures of the engagement. You want to get eye-to-eye with your client – this happens over a few drinks or lunch dates with your client. Just because your fiancee is getting married doesn’t mean they should be pushed into a compromising situation.

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